Lumbar Support Cushion

Lumbar Support Cushion for HIACE Lumbar Support Cushion for HIACE
uivehicle°«s lumbar support cushion is an item for those suffering from lumbar pain because of extended periods driving.

Typically, all of us would get an achy back or lumbar fatigue after extended periods driving or spending a long time sitting, so adding lumbar support becomes essential.

Width, height and thickness of the product are set to fit the seat shapes of Hiaces. It is harder than the lumbar support cushions on the market.

Its surface is made of mesh fabric that allows continued use throughout the whole year, and interior is made of urethane with 3 different levels hardness for increased support.


Seat Heater Kit

Seat Heater Kit for HIACE Seat Heater Kit for HIACE
uivehicle°«s seat heater kit is easy to install and it is a convenient and essential item for winter driving.

Customers can attach it by inserting the two seat heater pads inside the seat cover, one for the seat cushion and the other for the backrest.

More details about uivehicle°«s seat heater:

°ŁDifferent from air conditioners, it effectively prevents air drying and is gentle to the skin and throat.

°ŁThe remote control is cordless, keeping the footwell or vehicle°«s interior simple.

°ŁIt controls the driver's seat and passenger's seat individually, with 3 levels of heat.

°ŁIt is three-color LED setting display, making it easy to operate even at night.

Second row Seats Armrest

Second row Seats Armrest for HIACE
Second row Seats Armrest for HIACE Second row Seats Armrest for HIACE
uivehicle°«s second row seats armrest comes with enough width, allow it can be used for both the left and right seat.

It has been designed to be higher at the rear with a gentle slope towards the front to keep the customers°« elbows bent in a comfortable position.

A central pocket is included to storage magazines etc.

As well, it is easy to detach it just with a pull of a locking strap.

Dimension: Width 300 mm X Height 200 mm X Depth 460 mm (except the central pocket)

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